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Download Gold Miner Vegas Full Version 13 [Updated] 2022




 . .everything! Is it the romance or the thrill of digging for gold that makes your hair stand on end? It may be the adventure, or the discovery, or even the excitement of realizing you can really make some money in this fast-paced game. Who knows? Maybe you just love the rush of digging for the precious metal and seeing where it will take you. "Ride like a treasure hunter through the mines of Hawaii, Australia, and...that's just the beginning. Dig for treasure in New York, Paris and Hong Kong!" In this game, you'll be digging in 10 different cities, and in 10 different settings, each with its own unique attractions and scenic beauty. You'll be on the hunt for gold and it's all about the gold, all the time. On your quest, you'll dig up old gold mines, newer gold mines, fossils, artifacts and the odd lost gold mine. Along the way you'll earn gold, learn about the history of the gold mining industry and of course, you'll have lots of fun! Come on, there's only one way to find out if you can make the world's best gold miner, and that's to find out for yourself, so take a trip to Vegas and get on the road. Features - Dig for gold in 10 different cities in 10 different locations - Dig for gold in the age of dinosaurs, in historic gold mining towns and at the foot of the Grand Canyon - Dig for gold and more in the largest city in the world, New York City, in the middle of the desert and in the heart of the heart of the action - Learn about the history of gold mining in the 1800s and at the end of the Civil War - Dig for gold in Paris and in Hong Kong, the world's two most beautiful cities **The Gold Miner for iPad is free to download and play. A premium upgrade is available for $0.99 which includes unlocked New York City. If you already own Gold Miner, this upgrade will upgrade your content to the latest version.** **All in-app purchases are optional.** For the people who don't know this game - "the classic is back!" is a classic text adventure game from 1983. The game tells you how to explore a mine and dig it out in order to find the gold. The game is perfect for anyone who wants to get back into reading text adventures. Two new locations



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